Privacy Policy

Nova Raiders Cycling Club takes your privacy very seriously and operates within the confines of all current data legislation.

We will never pass any data supplied to us on to third parties.

There are three types of data you might supply to us:

  • Membership data
  • Contact form enquiries on this website
  • Sportives

Membership data

We ask for various items of data when you join the Club. This can be either online on our Join Us page or by filling in a paper version of the membership application form (which asks for the same data as the online form).

This data is used to add you to the membership list, which is stored in a password encrypted spreadsheet, held on secure computers. Only members of the Committee ever have access to this data for use solely in carrying out their duties for the club.

We use your email address to add you to the club email list, which is how we mainly communicate with members, especially those who are not part of our Facebook Group. We bcc members when sending out emails, so no other member will see your email address.

No data supplied by you is ever passed to third parties.

We only ever hold the details of current members of the Club. If you leave the club, your data is deleted forever.

You can ask for your data to be deleted at any time by emailing us, but this will result in you being removed from membership of the cycling club, as we need to keep a register of members at all times and if you are not on this list, we can't communicate with you and thus can't accept your continued membership.

Contact Form

The contact form on this website is used to email us any comments or questions you may have. We do not store any data you input to this form in any way and it's there purely to email us with your questions. We will never use the name or email address supplied to add you to a mailing list and will never pass this on to third parties. It is used purely so we can reply by email to you and then deleted.


All entry for any sportives we organise is via a third party site (currently and this subject to their own privacy policy, which will be stated on their website. By entering, you are implicitly agreeing to their privacy policy and absolving us from any data protection issues in relation to your entry.

The Committee have access to the data you supply on the third-party site and will never pass this to anyone else. It will be solely used in relation to the sportive entered.

You can ask for your sportive entry data to be deleted from the third party site at any time by emailing us, but this will result in you being removed from the sportive and no refund of money paid due.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about privacy and data protection with Nova Raiders, then please email our Secretary and Data Protection Officer, Lorraine Pilgrim.


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Privacy Policy