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For 2019, we have three route options for you to choose from: BRoute 99, Route 66 and Route 33. All three routes have been revised this year so you have something different to see on your ride.

Please note, the details of the routes may change a little between now and the event, as we finalise arrangements, but they are genuinely indicative of the route for the day.

Route Distance (miles) Elevation gain (ft)
Route 33 32.1 1083
Route 66 66.8 3419
BRoute 99 - NEW! 100.8 5799

Route 33

Route 33 follows the same course as Route 66 for the first 14.75 miles, then breaking off at the water stop at Upton Magna, you head towards Walcot and Uppington then linking back into Route 66 at Aston. You have chance of another water stop at Wrockardine (23.5 Miles.)

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Route 33 elevation

Route 66

From Newport you head out to High Ercall with the opportunity of your first water stop at Upton Magna (14.75 miles). Carrying on through Atcham and Condover, then crossing the A49 at Dorrington followed by a gentle climb into Picklescott.

Take a minute to enjoy the stunning scenery that Shropshire has to offer as you continue through to Much Wenlock, Sheinton and Cressage, then a chance of another water stop at Wrockwardine.

Continuing your journey back you pass through Admaston and Preston upon the Weald Moors and then your safe return to Newport Showground.

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Route 66 elevation

BRoute 99 - NEW!

New for 2019, we have a longer and tougher route for only the most hardy of riders. It's not meant to be easy but it does offer you a hearty challenge and takes in some stunning Shropshire scenery, along with everything else you'll see if you did our Route 66 route.

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BRoute 99 elevation

All 3 routes on the same map for comparison

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