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Club Kit

What to wear and where to get it

It isn't mandatory to wear club kit on our rides but most do. It promotes the name of our club.

If you wish kit can be bought from two active suppliers. All of it designed to match the club colours and logos. You will see a variety of styles worn on the club rides as the design changes periodically to keep up with fashion. The most recent change was done for our 10th anniversary celebration in 2021.

The kit has the logo of our two sponsors Joules Brewery (Sponsors of Giro d’Joules) and Bike Tec, Newport( providers of 10%discount on all servicing and parts)

1. Nopinz

We have two entries in the ‘N’ section of their club kit offerings - the standard and the anniversary style. There are no minimum order quantities but delivery post-Covid is several months. There are all the Nopinz usual offerings of jerseys, bibs, arm & leg warmers, summer and winter as well as casual clothing caps, hoodies etc.

2. Castelli

This is a real quality supplier but that does come at a cost. Tim Roberts manages the ordering of this periodically through the year. Contact him on Facebook messages fo more details.

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