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Useful Information

What is the size of each Ride?

Our cycling insurance limits the number of riders in each group to 15. If a larger number arrives then we split into smaller groups.

What happens if I can’t keep up?

We have 3 levels of rides and these have guideline average speeds. These are averages and there will be faster and slower parts. The pace will be set by the leader and it may be adapted according to the participants that day.

Generally we operate ‘no drop’ such that we wait for slower riders to catch-up. Some of the faster rides want to keep the pace fast and do not do this.

if you’re struggling,  SPEAK UP. Something can always be done: slow down, split off a slower group or agree to go alone at your own pace.

Emergency Details

Of course we do promote ride safety, however accidents do happen and we need to be prepared.

We recommend that you carry identification and next of kin contact details while cycling. This might be on a dedicated card or tag or on your mobile phone.

For more details see Medical ID

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